Korean War Assignment

korean war assignment

When finished, please create an editorial about whether or not limited war for limited measures is justifiable or a waste of resources, time, etc.

Editorials are your opinions in paragraph form without using the word “I”.  They are often no more than 250-500 words in length.  Please use those as your guidelines.

These are due by Thursday May 9th.


Spirit Week Next Week

  • M-Blue Day
  • T-Green Day
  • W-Pink Day
  • Th-Purple Day
  • F-Kofa Spirit Day

Must dress up 4 of the 5 days since days are easier as they are just colors.

FDR SPEECH assignment


You will use the above source to create a dialectical journal with at least 5 quotes.  Below are the samples that could be helpful.

Student Sample – Dialectical Journal

Student Sample – Dialectical Journal 2

Student Sample – Dialectical Journal 3 (2 pages)

Will Spanish Thrive Or Decline In The U.S.?


Grades Updated

What you will see on your 3 week progress report is now available under the Grade Tab.

Extra Credit Spirit Days April 29-May 4

Dress up at least 3 days to get credit…the more you do, the more points you get.

MONDAY – Kofa Spirit Day – show your spirit by wearing crimson and white

TUESDAY – Favorite Soccer Team – wear your favorite soccer team t-shirt, scarf, …anything with a team logo

WEDNESDAY – Tropical Dress – wear your Hawaiian shirt, guayabera shirt, Panama hat, etc

THURSDAY – Latin American Hat Day – wear your sombrero or Panama hat, etc

FRIDAY – Cinco de Mayo Day – wear your red, white and green

Wed April 24 Assignment

maine explosion

Please complete this after completing your Cause and Effect Organizer.  This is due at the end of the period.