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Protest Song

This is due on April 15th. Instructions are below.

After listening to and reading lyrics of famous protest songs, you will write your own modern protest song about school or anything happening today in the same style.

Poem must be at least 20 lines long.

Extra Credit for Performing Your Song if you write the music that goes with it.

You can create your own music video as well.



April 11-12-Historical Event Organizer

You will be making a “Describing a Historical Event” organizer about the American Revolution. You will be able to work with 2 other people. The substitute will give you the 6 categories you must work on in order to be successful. This is due at the end of class on April 12th.

See this example for an idea: Student Sample – Describing A Historical Event

April 8-10-Expansion Chart

You will be working on filling out a chart about major treaties or wars and the effects. You will also need to make sure you color in and create a key for the map of expansion on the backside. This will be due by the beginning of class on April 11th


Not many of you are taking advantage of my late work extra credit extension.  Only have 2 students so far who have shown initiative.

Current Event Extra Credit

You can read, summarize, and react to a current news article relating to history or government.  You can find many articles on my government site:


You can find an article relating to something that we have discussed this semester and read, summarize, and react to it as well.

Missing Videos

Depression video is called “Bust” and its  from the America: The Story of US series.

The recent video from Thurs is called “Superpower” and its from the America: The Story of US series.

Check YOUTUBE if you need to make this up.

Late work

All late work is due by tues march 26 at 230pm. No excuses. No exceptions