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Irish Immigration Sources

Irish Immigration assignment


Who Am I?

Who Am I guidelines

who am i family treeThis assignment will be due on Friday March 15th.  The more extra information and creative you are, the more extra credit you can earn.


Topics to research:

Feminism in the 1960s:

  1. Betty Friedan and The Feminine Mystique 1963
  2. The National Organization for Women
  3. Gloria Steinem and Ms.
 Campaigning in the 1970s and beyond:
              4. Shirley Chisholm and the National Women’s Political Caucus 1971
              5. Geraldine Ferraro
              6. the Equal Rights Amendment 1972
              7. Roe v. Wade 1973
              8. Phyllis Schlafly

Women Source Assignment due Friday

women in ww2 document

Rosie the Riveter Article 2

EXTRA CREDIT!!!!!  Make a storyboard for Women before, during, and after WW2

Student Sample – The New Immigrants Storyboard

Student Sample – Civil War Storyboard

Interesting Poll Question for the Week

Read this story and answer this poll.  College Prof Story

Anti-Suffrage Graphic Organizer

Use this organizer for todays assignment.

Anti-Suffragists Graphic Organizer

Documents to use: anti-suffragists document

Women’s Suffrage Assignment

Review these notes: Background on Woman Suffrage

Answer the following questions with the attached document.

  1.  Why did the women at Seneca Falls choose to copy the
    Declaration of Independence?
  2. What were 3 things they complained about?
  3. Are you surprised by any of the grievances?
  4. Do any of the grievances seem like they’re still true today?

The Declaration of Sentiments