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Grades in Progress

This will be updated as the day goes on.

ush pd 1 as of 12-12-12

ush pd 2 as of 12-12-12

ush pd 3 as of 12-12-12

ush pd 6 as of 12-12-12


Corruption Quotes and Vocab

The vocab is under the post labeled Tues Oct 30th.

The quotes assignment is here again: Corruption Quotes

Semester 1 Final Review

Semester 1-Study Guide

December 10th Assignment

BW: Check grade online.

Research about the Japanese Internment of WWII and create a compare and contrast organizer that compares that action to the Holocaust.

A good place to start research is Chapter 51 Section E in the online textbook.

Student Sample – Compare And Contrast Organizer

Grade Update

Grades are current except for anything that you turned into the tray today.

Late Work

All late work and extra credit are due by Thursday December 13th at 730 AM…no extensions, no exceptions, no excuses.

Asian Immigration Summary Assignment from 12-6

Asian Immigration Causes Articles

Read the above articles and create 4 main bullet point summary statements and 2 definitions of vocabulary words per article.