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Grades are updated and posted

Check out new grades as of 11-30 under the grades tab


U.S. Birth Rate Declines As Hispanic Women Have Fewer Babies – ABC News

Electoral College Map

electoral college map

Color the map to match the latest election results for Obama v. Romney.

Cities Video Assignment from the Past

Reflective journal using this video:

Latino Rights Storyboard

latino cases for storyboard

Use the following samples to create a storyboard for all cases listed in the document above.  This is due by Monday.

Student Sample – The New Immigrants Storyboard

Student Sample – Civil War Storyboard

Congress looks at doing away with the $1 bill–politics.html?

Hispanic Sourcework Packet

Add these two documents to your 3 questions about the Mexican-American War.  This assignment is due on Friday November 30th.

Hispanic History Photo

Cesar Chavez Sources