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Reminder about JSA

The deadline is on Friday Nov 2nd for the JSA Fall Congress on December 1st and 2nd.  Please bring $60, permission slip, and you/your partner’s bill with you.  Take advantage of such a great opportunity.


Late Work

You may turn in any work you complete tomorrow only in Learning Lab.  DO NOT JUST SHOW UP TO TURN IN SOMETHING.  I CAN CHECK THIS!  This is an extension/reward for those of you attending.  Please leave all materials with Mr. Klein because I will not be there.

Tues Oct 30

BW-SWBAT analyze key vocabulary words about political corruption of the late 1800s and be able to define and put into historical context what the word was about.

-Why would scalawags be more socially acceptable in the south versus carpetbaggers?

Vocabulary Words

  • Scalawags, Carpetbaggers, Patronage, Political Machine, Graft

Do the following tasks for the above mentioned terms.

1. Define the word.

2. Explain the word in a historical context. (Summary)

3. Use the word in a sentence.

4. Draw a picture of your word.

JSA Spirit Week Extra Credit

Dress up on the following days and earn credit.  You must dress up at least 2 days to get points.  The more days you dress, the more points you get.

Bellwork Questions for 10-26

Based on Source D, who does this cartoon depict as the innocent people in populism?

In Source E Bryant is swallowing a donkey which depicts him trying to do what?

bw pictures


Party Platform Summary

Platform of Populist Party cambridge version

You will summarize the source into outline notes.  These should be in Roman numerals.  Please be detailed and concise.  These are due on Friday October 26th

Cross of Gold Speech Homework

The Cross of Gold Speech

You must read the speech above and create a dialectical journal involving 5 quotes.  It is a T-chart with the left side being what you do in Cornell notes.

This is due on Friday Oct 26th.  Below are samples.

Student Sample – Dialectical Journal 3 (2 pages)

Student Sample – Dialectical Journal

Student Sample – Dialectical Journal 2