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You need to have the first 4 battle journals complete for Monday:  Ft Sumter, Bull Run, Shiloh, and Antietam.


Early Civil War Source Packet

Beginnings of the Civil War Source Pack

This is due at end of class on Wednesday.

Civil War Battle Journals

These are due when the Civil War unit is over.  Please keep up with them as we progress through notes.  This document can be found in the notes section of this site.

North vs South Advantages

Please make a T-chart of the advantages of both the North and South during the Civil War.  This is due when class starts on Friday.

Parent Survey

Please have your parents take this survey.

Due date extension

All late work is due to my email inbox by 7pm Arizona time.  Please make sure it is formatted correctly (no .odt files)

Grades updated before 7am with emailed assignments

check out the grades tab for more information.